Upholstery for the rehabilitation and medical sector


Pro Seating® specialises in sea-
ting comfort and manufactures wheelchair cushions, seating and backrest systems for wheelchairs and cushions for medical treatment chairs. We supply an extensive range of top-quality products. All of our products are characterised by their proven quality, high grade and reliability.

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Innovation is a priority at
Pro Seating®. We manufacture backrest and seating systems from cold-moulded foam using
a production method that was newly developed utilising the technical expertise of Bayer.
We strive to ensure the conti-
nuous quality of our products.


Our backrest and seating systems are registered with the Dutch Ministry of Health as medical devices for rehabilitation purposes and therefore bear the CE mark. Our products comply with strict European directives.

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Pro Seating® not only employs well-qualified and skilled staff,
but also has the very latest equipment and machinery at
its disposal. This enables us to guarantee the quality and the reliability of our products.
Our high-tech machinery also enables us to supply a variety
of custom-made solutions.
We welcome enquiries about
the options available.

What we offer:

  • 1Top quality
  • 4Fast delivery
  • 2Universal systems
  • 5Excellent guarantees
  • 3Sustainable manufacture
  • 6New technologies

Delivery within five working days


We keep our word! Pro Seating® guarantees a delivery time of five working days from date of order. It is very important to us that your production process is not interrupted.